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Wealth Planning | Pure Wealth Process™

Our PURE Wealth ProcessTM takes financial and estate planning to a new level.

Once we have clarified your goals and objectives, strategy selection, coordinating, monitoring and goal refinement becomes an adaptable ongoing process. The following are the segments of this living process:



  • We listen to your concerns, goals and objectives. Gathering all quantitative data from investment statements to estate planning documents. We help determine what are your main priorities.

Design and Refine:

  • We develop an initial comprehensive wealth plan answering the following questions and addressing your concerns:

    • Are my goals and objectives realistic? We are not afraid to have the difficult discussion if needed to be sure the goals are attainable.
    • Various possibilities analyzed: inflation rates, portfolio risk profiles, impacts of an extended health care issue
    • Can my plan weather all market environments? Stress testing your portfolio to understand how it may perform during up markets and most importantly down markets.
    • Refine your plan to adapt to these newly developed scenarios
    • Be clear and understandable

Strategy Selection and Coordination:

    • Portfolio and liability funding customized for you and your family
    • Coordination with other advisors if needed to be clear and efficient
    • Depending on the priorities and market conditions portions of your strategic wealth plan may be implemented at different times

Monitoring and Adaptation:

  • Our PURE Wealth ProcessTM is not complete without ongoing modification to your living plan due to unforeseen changes or desired goal refinement due to a family change or inheritance.
  • Adaptable because the retirement income phase is the most complex and important part of this process. We will analyze statistical outcomes of different components of your financial world. Our process will show the likelihood of your ability to maintain your desired lifestyle through retirement while fulfilling your legacy plan.